The IB MYP Curriculum Model

The IB MYP Curriculum Model

A Concept-driven Curriculum

A concept is a big idea — a principle or conception that is enduring, the significance of which goes beyond aspects such as particular origins, subject matter or place in time. Concepts represent the vehicle for students’ inquiry into issues and ideas of personal, local and global significance, providing the means by which the essence of a subject can be explored. The MYP identifies prescribed key concepts and related concepts. These concepts ensure the development of a rigorous curriculum and promote a shared community of practice among IB World Schools offering the MYP.


A concept-based model is used in the MYP because it encourages students to:

• Process factual knowledge at a deeper intellectual level as they relate the facts to concepts and essential conceptual understandings.

• Create personal relevance, as students relate new knowledge to prior knowledge, and encourage understanding of cultures and environments across global contexts through the transfer of knowledge

• Bring their personal intellect to the study as they use a key concept to personally focus on the unit topic in order to increase motivation for learning

• Increase fluency with language as students use factual information to explain and support their deeper conceptual understanding

• Achieve higher levels of critical, creative and conceptual thinking as students analyse complex global challenges and create greater subject depth through the study of discipline- specific related concepts