School Fees Policy

School Fees Policy

School Fees” refer to tuition fees and all other costs associated with the child’s schooling at Al Zahra College.

  1. Enrolment Acceptance Fee
  • When a place is offered and accepted, an Acceptance Fee of $600.00 is due.
  • This fee is non-refundable.


  1. Billing of School Fees
  • Annual Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous Fees are billed at the beginning of each year.
  • Other fees required are billed separately.


  1. Family Discount
  • A tuition fee discount is applicable to families with two or more students enrolled at the College.


  1. Payment of Fees
  • Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous Fees are due 30 days after the invoice date unless a payment arrangement is in place.
  • Other Fees are billed as required and must be paid by the specified due date.
  • A payment arrangement can be:
    • Semi payment before Semester One and Semester Two commence.
    • Instalment payments on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis.
  • The School Fees Payment Arrangement Form must be completed if paying by instalment.
  • If paying by instalment, all school fees must be paid in full before the end of Term 4 of the school year.
  • Payments can be made by direct deposit, BPay, Cash/Eftpos or direct debit via “Sentral for Parents” app.
  • In the event of an unsuccessful direct debit payment, the payer will be charged any bank fees applied to the College’s bank account, and the dishonoured payment must be paid.
  • If there are consecutive unsuccessful payments, the instalment plan will be cancelled, and all outstanding school fees will be due immediately.


  1. Non-Payment of Fees
  • Unless a payment arrangement is set up, fees outstanding after the due dates will be considered delinquent.
  • If fees remain unpaid after the due date, the College may give up to four weeks’ notice, unless an acceptable payment plan has been agreed upon.
  • If the payment plan is not adhered to, enrolment termination may be enforced, and the account will be referred to a collection agency, incurring further costs.


  1. Student Early Withdrawal
  • Students withdrawing before 1st April are charged 30% of the annual tuition fee.
  • Students withdrawing before 1st July are charged 55% of the annual tuition fee.
  • Students withdrawing before 1st October are charged 80 % of the annual tuition fee.


  1. Late Enrolment
  • Students enrolling during the first four weeks of school will be billed full tuition for the year.
  • Students enrolling after the first four weeks of school will be billed proportionally for the number of full or partial weeks of school remaining, plus a late enrolment surcharge of 5% of the annual fees.


  1. Liability
  • If both parents have signed the enrolment form, they are individually responsible for school fees.
  • Any requests to vary the agreement must be made in writing.