Enrolment Policy

General Conditions

Al Zahra College accepts students without discrimination of religion, race or nationality.
Admission to Al Zahra College will be determined by the Education Director based on information obtained with respect to:

  • The potential of the applicant to benefit from the educational services available; and
  • The capacity of Al Zahra College to meet the educational needs of the applicant.

Applications for admission for the current academic year will be considered in order of priority, date of application, and the results of college screening and formal interview, as places become available. A final decision will be determined by the College.

We understand the need for an ‘early’ confirmation of a place at Al Zahra College. However, regardless of how early we receive an application, our admissions timeline remains the same:

Current Enrolments

First Day of Term 4: The deadline for present Al Zahra College families to re-register for the following year. Before this date we have no information about the availability of places for the following year.

Kindergarten and Secondary School Enrolments

1 March: The point at which we process the applications for Kindergarten and the Secondary School. Parents will be advised of screening and interview dates which will occur in April and May. Enrolment offers will be made in June.

Other Enrolments
July-December: We continue to process applications as they arrive.

Applicants for admission are considered in the following priority order:

  • Children of the govering body or its committees;
  • Children of staff;
  • Children of all other applicants who have a sibling already enrolled in or admitted to the college, including the AZC Preschool (Al Zahra Kingdom);
  • All other applicants.

Al Zahra College reserves the right to deny admission or re-enrolment to any applicant if, in its opinion, there were reasons to believe that admission or re-enrolment would not be in the best interest of the applicant or Al Zahra College.

Al Zahra College also reserves the right to postpone admission if a class is full. In this case, the applicant is placed on a waiting list. The qualified applicants are then accepted in order of date of application, subject to the above priorities.

Entrance Age

A child may be accepted into a class if s/he is of age before 30th April. Class ages are as follows:

Al Zahra Kingdom(ELC): 3-5 years-old
Kindergarten: 5 years-old
Year 1: 6 years-old
Year 2: 7 years-old
Year 3: 8 years-old
Year 4: 9 years-old
Year 5: 10 years-old
Year 6: 11 years-old
Year 7: 12 years-old
Year 8: 13 years-old
Year 9: 14 years-old
Year 10: 15 years-old
Year 11: 16 years-old
Year 12: 17 years-old

Student Records from Other Schools

Al Zahra College requires student records from the applicant’s previous school before any student is accepted. These records include reports, transcripts, results of standardised tests and any reports by a counsellor or psychologist. Al Zahra College reserves the right to contact the applicant’s previous school prior to acceptance.


All applicants will be interviewed by the College prior to acceptance as part of the enrolment process.

Late Admissions

A student may be admitted to Al Zahra College at any time during the school year (if places are available).

Decisions on Admission

After all the admissions procedures have been followed, the application will be considered. Decisions will be given in writing.


Acceptance Fee

An acceptance fee of $600 per student is due when Al Zahra College offers a place and the place is accepted. In order to be secured, the place offered by Al Zahra College needs to be confirmed by the applicant through payment of the acceptance fee within ten days of notification. This application fee is non-refundable and does not count towards tuition.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees for the following school year are set by the Al Zahra College Board and are advised by the Head of School  by 1 July. The fees are divided into two semesters and are payable upon receipt of an invoice and by the start of each semester.

In all cases, the tuition fees for a semester which has started are payable in full.

See fees section for current schedule of fees applicable.

Non-Payment of School Fees
A student’s enrolment is suspended if tuition fees are not paid by the due date.

Late Enrolment 
Students enrolling during the first four weeks of school will be billed the full tuition for the year. Students enrolling after the first four weeks of school will be billed proportionally for the number of full or partial weeks of school remaining plus a late enrolment surcharge of 5% of the annual fees.

Early Withdrawal 
Students withdrawing before 1st April are charged 30% of the annual tuition fee. Students withdrawing before 1st July are charged 55% of the annual tuition fee. Students withdrawing before 1st October are charged 80 % of the annual tuition fee.

By the end of Term 3 each year, parents will be asked to complete and return a re-registration form, indicating whether their child will be returning to Al Zahra College the following school year. Places cannot be reserved unless there is a definite indication that a student intends to return and a deposit of $800 paid for each student. This deposit will be credited against the Term 1 fees for the new academic year