Employment Expectations

Staff must be professional at all times. Their actions and behaviour are a reflection of themselves, their professional colleagues and Al Zahra College.

Staff will demonstrate their professionalism through:

  • Their commitment to excellence and high standards that will be reflected in the performance of their duties. Students’ performance and their results are considered a reflection of teaching staff performance.
  • Their efforts to ensure effective communication between colleagues, students and parents. All communication must reflect a ‘sooner rather than later approach’.
  • Their establishment of strong home–school relations.
  • Their loyalty and commitment to AZC, at all times and without exception.
  • Their ability to make a difference to AZC as a result of their professional and personal contributions by value-adding in their individual areas of expertise.
  • Their prompt follow-through on all tasks and requirements for which they are responsible.
  • Their participation in extra-curricula activities and AZC events (applicable to teaching staff).

To be very succinct, AZC only wants employees who demonstrate these expectations on a daily basis.  Near enough is not good enough. Staff must be able to perform at the highest level.