Our Vision And Purpose

Our Vision

  • Al Zahra College will provide, for all its students, an outstanding learning environment that:
    Provides high quality educational programs, guided by talented, skilled and dedicated teachers in world-class educational facilities, using innovative teaching and learning methods and the latest technologies to promote excellence;
  • Encourages each student to pursue personal and academic excellence to his or her maximum potential in a caring school environment;
    Develops a strong and productive relationship between our staff and our parents which recognises the fundamental importance of the shared  responsibilities of parents and teachers for the education of the young and which responds to the expectations and aspirations parents have for their children; and
  • Provides students with an excellent foundation for lifelong learning.

Our Purpose

Al Zahra College aims to develop faithful, knowledgeable and wise young people who take responsibility for creating a better and more peaceful world.  We will challenge our students to become active learners and critical thinkers who promote intercultural understanding and respect.

Therefore, we aim to develop internationally minded learners who strive to be:

  • Inquirers;
  • Knowledgeable;
  • Thinkers;
  • Communicators;
  • Principled;
  • Open-minded;
  • Caring;
  • Risk-takers;
  • Balanced; and
  • Reflective.