Our Expectations


Five aspects where high standards are always expected are: performance; behaviour; presentation; communication; and participation.

It is expected that student performance will at least equal or exceed their natural ability. Regardless of a child’s natural ability level, each student is expected to put their best effort into every task they attempt.

The Student Code of Conduct is:
• Wearing the correct school uniform
• In the right place at the right time
• Respecting staff, students and visitors
• Respecting the property of others
• Best effort into each activity
• Being honest

Students are expected to be in correct school uniform (and worn properly) when they are on school grounds or in the wider community representing AZC.

‘Sooner rather than later’ is the standard for all communications.  If there is an issue or concern, then individuals must communicate this issue or concern to the relevant party.  All issues and concerns are expected to be addressed quickly.

Students are expected to participate in all class/school activities, including physical education.  Failure to do so raises the question of commitment.


Staff must be professional at all times. Their actions and behaviour are a reflection of themselves, their professional colleagues and Al Zahra College.
Staff will demonstrate their professionalism through:
• Their commitment to excellence and high standards that will be reflected in the performance of their duties. Students’ performance and their results are considered a reflection of teaching staff performance.
• Their efforts to ensure effective communication between colleagues, students and parents. All communication must reflect a ‘sooner rather than later approach’.
• Their establishment of strong home–school relations.
• Their loyalty and commitment to AZC, at all times and without exception.
• Their ability to make a difference to AZC as a result of their professional and personal contributions by value-adding in their individual areas of expertise.
• Their prompt follow-through on all tasks and requirements for which they are responsible.
• Their participation in extra-curricula activities and AZC events (applicable to teaching staff). To be very succinct, AZC only wants employees who demonstrate these expectations on a daily basis. Near enough is not good enough. Staff must be able to perform at the highest level.



At Al Zahra College, all parents are expected to:

• Support the policies and ethos of the college;
• Ensure their children arrive at school before lessons commence and they are ready to learn;
• Provide a supportive learning environment at home for their children;
• Notify the College if their child will be absent from school;
• Communicate any issues promptly with the class teacher;
• Demonstrate courtesy and respect in their dealings with Al Zahra College staff and other parents;
• Obey all traffic and parking instructions near the College where students are collected;
• Attend parent/teacher interviews and information sessions;
• Participate in Al Zahra College functions and events.
• Pay College accounts according to the set timeframes.